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Eyeballs vs Geeks Season Two: The Pomeroy Line


Kid - basically this thread is for you (but I’ll leave it open to anyone else if they also would like to participate).

In this contest, just assume that Pomeroy is setting the Vegas line and pick against him. Beat his spread and you get a win, fail to beat the spread and you get a loss, ties are a push.


I may do it, but don’t want to spend my day doing this. I may pick the wide spread games here, but stay with the other one, and probably quit this when the regular season ends. Any I do here, I’ll use bodog’s spread at gametime, which is the one I rely on most. Thanks.

This game is on the same side as kenpom, but I think Cincy is a solid pick giving 3 1/2 over UConn. Walker can always have a lights out game, but he’s been ragged lately, and I’ve been very impressed by Cincy. Their last 3 games, which they won, were by 9, 12 and 12, two which were away, Georgetown and Providence, and they beat Louisville at home. IMO, they’ll win by 8 to 12. Why not? I do notice the spread is widening, and likely 4 pts. by game time.

Second best bet, IMO, is Xavier giving 3 to Dayton.