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Even bad publicity is still publicity...right?


In a weird way, could the bad timing of this actually end up working in PSU’s favor?

After the season, there are tons of coaches who move around or are let go or just leave on their own. And for many schools that are just lopped in with so many other schools, the news from most of these firings/leavings/hirings are just a tiny blip on the college basketball radar.

Yet here we have ED’s leaving and we get reports from Dickie V promoting Bobby Knight, Andy Katz, Colin Cowherd and a host of other media blowhards who never spend but a second’s time talking about PSU hoops.

So I ask you, is the timing of all of this actually beneficial to PSU and will this bad publicity turn itself into something good, especially if we get an interesting hire?


Only time can tell, I’ll wait to see who we sign before jumping to any conclusions.


True but the media’s attention is fleeting. Without any sort of capitalization it’s all moot.


I think the Publicity should be very good for PSU…right now we are the “only game in town.”


I agree most with this statement.

What good does the pub do when there is NOTHING going on at the time?

When it comes time for that pub to be useful, it will have long since died out.


If the publicity lights a fire under Curley’s ass that our 90 person electronic petitions could not, then that is a good thing. Curley noted about paying a ‘competitive salary’ in the Dana O’Neil video cast piece on ESPN (all the way at the bottom), lets see if that is just BS.


I suppose that this falls under no such thing as bad publicity category…

…when was the last time that three different Philly guys wrote about Penn State basketball in the same year, let alone in the same week?

Penn State needs a coach with a recruiting base
POSTED: May 25, 2011
By Mike Jensen
Inquirer Sports Writer

Morning Bytes: Goofy goings-on in Happy Valley
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I must confess, that I have always been intrigued with Bruiser. I think he got shafted at UMass, and Drexel is pretty much the Penn State of the Big Five. PhillyU probably has as much basketball panache as Drexel does in the Philly area. He hasn’t set the world ablaze, but for some reason, I think he’s a better coach than his record.


OT…BUT, I didn’t think the Philly Big 5 included Drexel.

BUT…the Big 5 or Big 6 is yesterday’s news.


that was my point

[quote="tundra, post:8, topic:2418"]OT............................BUT, I didn't think the Philly Big 5 included Drexel.[/quote]

that was my point



To be fair, I should have been clearer. Drexel has about as much cache in the Philly tradition bank as penn State does in the Big Ten.