Best and Worst college basketball towns


According to their ranking the best town in the Big Ten is Madison, Wisky.
The worst town if Champaign, Illinois.
Also receiving votes for the worst town: Columbus, State College, Bloomington, West Lafayette

Now, the best basketball town that they found in the B10 is Bloomington, Indiana
No surprise, they found that the worst basketball town in the B10 is State College, PA

Their comment on SC was “No one cares unless they’re good … and they’re never good.”

Looking at the Big East, Chicago received votes for the worst basketball town in the conference, as did Tampa… a little surprising.

A link between being the worst town and the worst hoops town seems to be there, but not in all cases. Look at the B12 - Boulder, CO received votes for being the best town in the conference, but also got the award of being the worst hoops town in the conference.

Miami didn’t even receive votes for the best town in the ACC, but were called the worst basketball town in the ACC? I don’t know about that, Miami is a pretty fun town to visit.

Additionally, the bottom of the article gives out more awards. Check this one out:

Coach Who Should Take The Bus To Work This Week
"Ed DeChellis (39) of Penn State. He presided over the Nittany Lions’ 11th straight loss Saturday, at home against Minnesota, to stay winless in the Big Ten. The earnest young folks at Penn State’s Daily Collegian ran a story this week under the hopeful headline, “Losing brings team closer.” The Minutes suspects that the Nittany Lions have had all the closeness they can stand. "


Its probably based a lot upon fan bases. USF = Small fan base. Depaul = Small. Miami = Smaller. PSU = Smaller. Seton Hall = Small. There are exceptions because UConn has a large fan base, and probably some more.

Agree about State College… unless PSU turns into a solid basketball program, obviously.


It was very predictable that we’d get worst basketball town. I was surprised to see that State College had votes for both best and worst overall town. I guess you’d say it is a pretty normal college town, but there’s nothing that strikes me as particularly bad about it.


This comment is inaccurate, at least the second part. “No one cares unless they’re good … and they’re never good.”

By all objective accounts, PSU was at the very least good last year!!!


[quote=“PSUChamp08, post:4, topic:814”]This comment is inaccurate, at least the second part. “No one cares unless they’re good … and they’re never good.”

By all objective accounts, PSU was at the very least good last year!!![/quote]

it was a generalization… do you seriously think that last year’s NIT run erased the losing image around this program?


Actually can’t argue with Champaign as being a poor college town. Not much to it if you ask me. Madtown is, no doubt, the best, though State College should be right up there as well.


Actually I would disagree. I’ve been there just once but Champaign-Urbana seemed like a great college town to me. I don’t know how you choose a “worst” but Columbus gets my vote


Madison is the only one I haven’t spent time in…and I’ve only been in Minneapolis for a very short time, so can’t really comment.

Getting high marks are State College (obviously) and Evanston. I acknowledge I went to grad school at NU, so I’m a little biased, but it’s a cool place in its own right and you’re a short el ride to Chicago.

Bloomington is OK, nothing special, but has a college town feel. Ann Arbor feels the same way, but I like Bloomington better.

West Lafayette, Champaign, East Lansing and Iowa City are terrible in my opinion.

Columbus is Columbus…new hockey arena/ballpark area is really nice. Rest of it is pretty much Ohio…and you get that if you’ve spent a lot of time in and around Ohio.