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Ernie Nestor


Sounds like he will be moving on. Missouri as an assistant.


Frankly I was surprised someone of his age and background would have even accepted a DOBO position anywhere. I imagine that position wouldn’t pay more than what 50 or 60K?


He definitely was over qualified for the position but maybe it was only offer he had at the moment. Wish good luck to him at Missouri.


DOBO doesn’t seem like a career goal type job, anyway.


To some, that is very good money.

I guess it goes to show the bucks that float around in this “amateur, non-profit” sport.


I agree that it would be good money to a lot of people. But we are talking about Division 1 athletics where even assistant coaches can be paid well over 100K.


Not sure I would want to be at Missouri.



[quote=“eric17, post:7, topic:2318”]Not sure I would want to be at Missouri.


That’s a ridiculous rule, I’m not sure Haith violated it in two ways as this overblown article suggests, and this almost never results in any action unless it gets mentioned as part of a bigger case when they are throwing the book at someone.


That’s hardly worth a story.


A bunch of college basketball writers tweeted how that stuff happens ALL THE TIME but is just never reported. They said it should be a ‘reporter violation’ if anything.

Stupid story.


Nestor is from Philippi WV. Middle of nowhere WV small town. Philippi has a “covered bridge” that attracts some attention!


Official confirmation


Wonder if Ben Luber is interested and if he’ll get a shot.


Would that be a downgrade for Luber, going from low major assistant to high major DOBO?


I’d think of it as probably a lateral move. He’d get increased exposure from being at a major program but he wouldn’t actually be on the court coaching as much.

I could see someone like Adam Fisher, former PSU manager, former grad assistant at Villanova, and current DOBO at Boston University getting the job.

Or Ed might decide to reach outside the PSU family like he did with Nestor.


Or… Ed may (and probably will) reward DJ Black for his loyalty and bump him up to DOB


That’s another distinct possibility. That’s the route that Jon Perry took to the DOBO job although he was with DeChellis longer than DJ has been.


Nestor is now headed to Navy to take Kanaskie’s spot.


The fact that this is a violation at all is a joke.