Emily Phillips transfers




Probably no one wants it put in these terms, but Phillips’ scholarship was partly, more likely mostly, to entice Skylar Diggins to leave South Bend and come to Penn State. It didn’t work.


Maybe so, but I thought she was a contributor nonetheless. She brought a lot of spark onto the floor when she played. Everyone needs a back-up point guard and I thought she was perfect for that role. Certainly it wasn’t a wasted scholarship (she averaged 13 mpg and anyone who is on the floor that much isn’t a waste).


Don’t you mean Emily Phillips? :slight_smile:

[quote="UncleLar, post:1, topic:1186"][url=http://www.iupuijags.com/news/2010/5/24/WBB_0524100632.aspx]to IUPUI[/url][/quote]

Don’t you mean Emily Phillips? :slight_smile:

Yup - fixed it. Thanks.


Far from a wasted scholarship, she was a fine backup at the BigTen level. Sorry to see her go.


Emily definitely brought energy to the floor, but she often played a bit out of control. Not a wasted scholarship at all; on the other hand, I presume she didn’t embrace the prospect of sitting behind Alex Bentley for the next two years and envisioned more playing time at IUPUI, closer to her South Bend home.