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East Stroudsburg exhibition IGT

Here we go…

Battle, Frazier, Brooks, DJ, Drew.

Welcome home Tim.

We may not have an a-list opponent but the refs brought the A team with the seasons first Teddy Valentine sighting.

Free throws don’t look improved so far…

Buie for Frazier. Talor moves from 2guard to the point. Oliver in for Brooks.

Where are you guys watching this live, or are you on your phones?

Thanks, Lar. I’m not ready yet… But can’t sit out the opener. 2.5 TOs for Taran in first three touches.

Great picture on

Anyone have a live stats or gametracker? Doesn’t appear to be a link on the gopsusports site. Thanks.

We are not looking to run the ball. Offense looks less than stellar. Defense looks surprisingly good.

Graham works hard on the glass.

ED’s got a pretty deep bench here today.

I’m not there (Phins are on–rare occasion), but uh, it’s ESU. I’m gonna go ahead and take that with a grain of salt.

Score update?

15-12 about 15 min in

5 minutes to go in the half? Or 15 left? If there’s 5 left, uh oh.

I’m there using my iPad. Somebody forgot to take the lids off of the baskets. Battle is the only one who looks like he can score.

[quote="LPcreation, post:15, topic:1460"]15-12 about 15 min in[/quote]

5 minutes to go in the half? Or 15 left? If there’s 5 left, uh oh.

like I said…offense isn’t looking good. Battle hasn’t played much.

Welcome back TJB…I’ve convinced myself this is an NCAA team this year…so if that doesn’t happen, I’m blaming it on your return. :wink:

Good to see you back here.

I like Graham.