Double Digit scorers


If I can count right this year we’ve already had 6 players in double digits. After seeing Edwards play I feel like we could see 4-5 guys average double digits a game. Talor, Jeff, and DJ already do. DJ does have a bit to prove since a huge game really bumps up his stats, but I wouldn’t be suprised if he starts getting more PPG than he had before. That leaves Edwards and Frazier. I think that Edwards has a real potential to get 10-15 points easy, Fraizer has the tools it’s mostly about getting it all together. So that’s 5 guys you can point at right now that already do average 10 or more or could get to that point. That doesn’t include Babb or Jones who if they get it together have what it takes to put up 10 a game.

Today has been slow, and I hope you’re all having a good one. I was just thinking looking at the stats about how we might have too many scorers on the team…it may not have panned out that way quite yet, but it made me excited all over