Does the Atlantic 10 stand to benefit from the Big Ten?


When you consider that the Big Ten may only place 4 or 5 teams in the NCAA’s this year, does this allow 5 or 6 teams from the Atlantic 10 to dance? They are forecasted to finish with the #7 RPI as a conference. Teams are as follows: Rhode Island (24-5 with RPI 20), Temple (24-7 with RPI 23), Xavier (21-9 with RPI 25), Dayton (22-8 with RPI 30), Richmond (22-9 with RPI 37), and Charlotte (22-8 with RPI 46) are all going to have a good shot at getting in. (Again those records and RPI’s are forecasted)


Think Baron would make the move from Rhode Island to PSU? Just wondering if PSU could benefit from the A10 perhaps


While the Big Ten helps them, it’s the PAC 10 that’s really helping out bubble teams. They appear to be a 2 bid league at most (assuming Cal or Washington wins the tourney).


While I think he would be attainable, he’s exactly the type of coach that 90% of the PSU fanbase (especially those in places like BWI or FOS that don’t understand the basketball program) would kill Curley for hiring. Career record just a little bit over .500, a conference record under .500 in all of his stops (St Francis, Bonnies, Rhode Island), and he isn’t a “big name”.


A10 might very well get 5, even 6 teams. All those teams listed besides Charlotte should be in, with Dayton right on the fringe.


I grew up near Olean NY and I used to go to Bonnies games all the time. I’m a fan of Baron.


He seems to be a guy that likes to build from very little into an NCAA appearance, and move on, judging from his work at St. Francis and St. Bonaventure. He’s 55 now, maybe he’s ready for a last stop in a major conference?


I think they’ll get about 3, personally.


Gees, those are some impressive RPIs. And they’re only 7th? There must be some real crap in that conference.


The big factor is that the top 6 really seperated themselves from everyone else. They are the only 6 teams with an RPI better than 100. I put their updated records and RPIs below…

Charlotte 8-1 18-5 45
Xavier 8-2 16-7 26
Rhode Island 7-2 19-3 14
Temple 7-2 19-5 17
Richmond 7-2 18-6 31
Saint Louis 6-3 15-8 102
Dayton 5-3 16-6 34
Duquesne 3-6 12-11 100
La Salle 3-6 11-12 118
Saint Joseph’s 3-7 9-15 178
St. Bonaventure 2-6 9-12 189
George Washington 2-7 12-10 135
Massachusetts 2-7 8-15 196
Fordham 0-9 2-19 295



  1. Temple - LOCK
  2. Rhode Island - Safe unless collapse. (14 RPI, 70SOS)
  3. Xavier - Safe unless collapse. (25RPI, 16SOS, no bad losses)
  4. Dayton - Bubble. 1 bad loss (St Joes), (34RPI, 36SOS)
  5. Richmond - Around Dayton’s rank, probably higher due to quality OOC wins. (31 RPI, 63SOS)
  6. Charlotte - No bad losses, beat Lville but weak SOS (45 RPI, 121SOS)

A lot depends on the rest of the season, obviously. But if the tournament started today, they have 5, maybe 6.

Illinois - Losses to Utah, Bradley, and Georgia really hurt. OOC, but Clemson and Vandy wins help. Back to back MSU and Wisky wins are helping the L10 record cause for Illinois. (59 RPI, 71 SOS)

Minnesota - Lost to Portland, Indiana. Beat Butler. (63RPI, 49 SOS)
Northwestern - No bad losses, but best OOC win is ND and NcState. Good B10 wins against Purdue and Illinois though. (67 RPI, 76 SOS)

If tournament started today, B10 has 5 (Purdue, MSU, Wisky, OSU and Illinois).


Just note that the team reports that are provided to committee members in the room now contain L12 instead of L10. They made that switch a couple of years ago.


Thanks frats, that would help their case even more since they are on a streak right now. I wasn’t sure if it was 10 or 12, I was just getting the general idea out there that Illinois is playing well right now and that will help their cause.


The thing that is really holding down Illinois still is their RPI. Even after the big win last night, they still only moved up to 65th. Pretty much every one of their next 6 games could go either way, and I still don’t think that 2-4 without making it to Saturday in the BTT would be enough (though it would be tough to pass up an 11-7, 0-1 Big Ten team) as their RPI would be sitting right around 70 (according to RPIForecast), and a loss in the 4-5 game wouldn’t help much. If they continue to play well, then can make it a moot point.

A lot depends on the rest of the season, obviously. But if the tournament started today, they have 5, maybe 6.

But it doesn’t, and that conference will sort itself out. Frankly, there just aren’t 6 teams worth dancing in that league - they’ve simply benefited from weak schedules thus point. It’ll all even out in the wash, but 2-4 is the safe guess when it’s all said and done, and I’m betting on 3 being the number.


If those projected final RPI’s come to fruition, 4 teams are locks. My guess is those are pretty solid mathematical probabilities with the large data samples, so if one of the other two fringe teamswins the auto bid, then 5 will go. I cant see 6.


That 2-4 range is off. Its 3-5. I say at least 4 teams make it, a 5th is possible.


Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. :wink:

That 2-4 range is off. Its 3-5. I say at least 4 teams make it, a 5th is possible.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. :wink:

Yep! I’m going to try and run a little pre-selection Sunday competition to see who can predict the field most accurately. I contacted Rokk and hes in as well.


Charlotte lost BIG to Dayton tonight. They are likely OUT now, barring a huge turn around.

Richmond nips Rhodie.