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Do you think that in our soon to be received season ticket package


There will be some of those ultra convenient free tickets again??

I hope so. I’m getting used to them now.


[quote=“MillionaireMagic, post:1, topic:1457”]There will be some of those ultra convenient free tickets again??

I hope so. I’m getting used to them now.[/quote]

There was nothing in the season ticket envelope about season ticket holders getting any extra free tickets this year.


Yes there is a flex book with about 7 freebies and 1 Lady Lion ticket. One of the 7 men’s tix is exclusively for the Wisconsin Coaches vs Cancer game.


Is that for men’s season tix, women’s season tix or both.

I guess I could stop being lazy now and just check my mailbox.


There was no flex book in my envelope.


There was a flex book with my order and you can use the tix for Mens or Lady Lions except for the Wisconsin game coupon


I just realized that there was a small note way down at the bottom of the envelope that states that season ticket holders can pick up the Flex books on 11/16 @ the BJC. :slight_smile:


Thanks for nudging me to find my own answer.

In the men’s ticket package there is a paper (as Cappy noted) that says, pick up your tickets starting November 16.

In the women’s ticket package there is a real live flex book–6 tickets usable for any men’s or women’s game plus a voucher for Coaches vs. Cancer against Wisconsin and a voucher for Pink Zone day vs. Northwestern.

I love the free tickets. Makes me want to keep being a season ticket holder.


I had to go dig it out of the trash. I never would have seen it if it hadn’t been mentioned here. I’m wondering how many people are going to throw away the envelope without ever getting the message.


Overhead in the ticket office: “Darn, another person found the tiny note about free tickets”




You probably don’t even need the note. Just go up to the proper area and tell them your last name and that you’re a season ticket holder and they will turn over the flex book to you. I’ve done that in the past for those neato statues of Talor Battle and Tyra Grant.


I’m sure you don’t need the note but most season ticket holders don’t hang out here. They are highly likely to miss the note and thus might never know about the free tickets.