DJ Update


For those of you who weren’t at the game:

Sat on the table for a while and got his knee wrapped up and was able to walk/limp and sit on the side of the bench for the rest of the game. I think he just tweaked it or has a very minor sprain sort of thing. He’ll prob be sore in the morning but I’m not thinking it is a major injury. I’ll ask Babb later tonight and see if he knows anything.

And since we’re finding eachother in the crowd, I was the one who yell “lets go DJ” and got the clap started…nobody saw me, but it’s a


One can only hope…


It’s reported to be just a hyperextension of the knee with no structural damage and he should be OK.


Get well soon, DJ!


Speaking of injuries before the game the radio announcers were talking about Highberger coming back. Is this true? I hope so because I was impressed with his play earlier in the season.


He was in uniform and doing warm-ups before the game so it would seem his return is imminent.