Difference between PSU and the top teams in the B10


Nothing new here, but this really stuck out while I was watching Purdue vs. Wake tonight. Wake came out very physical and aggressive, but Purdue had the horses to fight back.

Purdue’s center J. Johnson had 21 points and 9 rebounds. PF R. Hummel had 11 points and 11 rebounds. PSU has nobody who can compete underneath like that.

Battle is as good as anybody in the B10 and that’s saying something with kids like M. Thompson (NW), Moore (Pur), Harris (UM), K. Lucas (MSU), and E. Turner (OSU). Frazier is young and will get schooled this year but he has a lot of potential. PSU is competitive with their guards.

Unfortunately PSU has very little to compete with down low. Jones & Brooks are not at the level of the top tier guys. Without good rebounding it is difficult to get the transition game going (not a good sign when your PG is your leading rebounder). Lack of a big defensive enforcer also puts a lot of pressure on the guards because they have to drop down to double team. That makes PSU vulnerable to the kick out 3 pointer.

Edwards has a powerful build so maybe he can develop. Borovnjak is PSU’s other hope, but it looks like he’ll need some time to get stronger.


Some of that is true, and some of it comes from the style of play, Duke doesn’t look like Purdue, and Purdue doesn’t look like us, and we dont look like Illinois.


Nobody is going to have a pair of guards like we will have with Frazier and Bubby in the same backcourt.


Lucas and Lucious?


Our guys seem to like it when somebody counts them out. Ask MSU and the Illini. By Conference play I think the kinks will be worked out.


But it would still be nice if we had a big like Meech on this squad.


It doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t play with them, though I tend to agree with you. It just dictates that we play a different style of game versus them, and it requires that we do other parts of the game exceptionally well against those teams.

Certainly we won’t be favored given such a thing, but hey - we’ve been a lot worse inside than this too.

I guess you gotta try to find the positives.


Can’t Matt Gaudio petition the NCAA for just one more season?


Have you watched PSU the past two years? They have scored most of their points in transition. Have you seen how we struggle with our half court offense?

The only way to get the transition offense going is good defense, rebounding, and outlet passing. You can’t beat your opponent down the floor if you’re inbounding the ball from beneath the basket. Battle is our leading rebounder and we won’t win many games that way.

I understand that teams have different styles of play. PSU doesn’t have to pound it inside, but all winning teams have to play interior defense and rebound. Look at the games last night. Indiana got beat inside. Iowa couldn’t stop Va Tech’s big man inside. MSU got beat inside by NC. Purdue beat Wake because of 6’10" J. Johnson who had 21 pts and 9 rebounds.