Davidson pre-season prediction


I was at my grandfather’s for Thanksgiving, looking at a few different college basketball season preview magazines. One of them, I believe it was the Sporting News, had a pre-season field of 64 predicted and Davidson was in. The only other OOC team that made it was Robert Morris.

If Davidson makes the tournament, that would at least provide a Silver Lining for that tournament.

In the ESPN the Magazine preseason preview they also ranked the top 64 teams (obviously, the top 64 teams are not all selected for the Big Dance, but just humor this). Of the Big Ten, 9 teams were in the top 64 - the only 2 teams not ranked were Penn State and Iowa. The last Big Ten team to make the cut was Wisconsin at 56 (or somewhere around there). Northwestern was 50, but that was obviously before the Coble injury.

I found it surprising that the only two teams picked for the dance that we play in the OOC we have beat. Thoughts?


Preseason predictions are not worth much. Carry-over players improve at different rates and incoming player evaluations are likely to be worse than even the preseason team predictions.


Obviously preseason rankings and predictions aren’t worth anything really, but I still found it interesting. In the very least, it indicates that these teams have some potential.