Davidson IGT


Tim Frazier gets the start over Babb

Bill Edwards expected to play today.


Is there a free audio stream anywhere?


Was just about to ask…WSBA and WKOK aren’t covering it.


Live stats:


Free audio from the Davidson crew:



Tim Frazier is going to be a starter the rest of the season IMO. Jerardi is just singing his praises.


Frazier has 2 steals and 2 breakaway baskets already


9-2 at first Media TO.

Jerardi - “PSU is everything they weren’t the last 2 games.”


eric, can you get Jerardi on the net?


Where was this team 3 days ago.

15-4…Edwards in

Sorry Kid, listening to the real radio


eric17, what station are you listening to Dick and Steve on?


[quote=“eric17, post:9, topic:322”]Where was this team 3 days ago.

15-4…Edwards in

Sorry Kid, listening to the real radio[/quote]

What station, my harrisburg stations apparently neglected the game…


Ahh damn PSU football. No Steve with Dick.


I’m listening in harrisburg…1400 or 1460. I honestly can’t tell which one I got haha.


And yeah, Steve couldn’t make it…Frank Giardina is doing P-B-P


“I don’t know what’s been better…the offense or defense” - Jerardi

We are killing it.


The game is on 1400 Harrisburg or 1490 Lancaster. Appearantly, Steve Jones just arrived. Not on radio yet.


Edwards on the board.


20-4 Under 12 timeout

Davidson - 6 Turnovers 2 Baskets

All the starters scored, and Bill Edwards has gotten his first bucket.


Steve Jones back. Awesome. He’s the man.


Positive vibes. It’s all about those positive vibes!