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Couple Notes on Radford Game


Couldn’t make it to the game, but I was able to watch the game streamed by BTN-U on the website. Wasn’t too interested in listening to the broadcasters, so I muted them and opened up another browser window and listened to Steve and Dick Gerardi - maybe a five second difference between the two broadcasts - I can live with that.

Jon Graham had a much better game. That’s good because we’ll need him in the Big Ten scrum.

Tim Frazier did what I had been hoping he’d do all last year - penetrate and stop and shoot an 8 footer. If he goes to the rack in the Big Ten, he’ll get mugged and no fouls will be called.

I like the intensity on everyone’s part. I love the 10 man rotation and hustle, hustle, hustle.

Wow! Did Pat chew out Trey for that bad shot with no one back to cover the fast break going the other way. Then he pats him on the back and encourages him.

Two nice wins against inferior opponents. LIU will be tougher and the weekend will be a challenge.