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Cord cutting

I’m in centre county and while I think we technically should be getting the Pittsburgh sports station (Root, or AT&T, or whatever it’s called now) YouTube TV subscription here gives us NBC Philly.

This is from my guide currently:

I live in Lancaster County and have YouTubeTV. We get NBC Sports Philadelphia.

I just grabbed a 4K HDR Apple TV (only because AT&T had a ridiculous lowball offer in conjunction with the debut of Apple TV+), and HDR has resulted in an incredible improvement in picture quality for YouTube TV and anything else I’ve been streaming.

I assume it’s the HDR, since the source isn’t 4K, but it could be the upscaling. Your TV has to support HDR - only one of ours does.

YouTube TV asked me if I wanted to record all Big 10 basketball games. Sure!

And it’s been working so far.

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I’m recording the entire topic of “College Basketball”. Why not!? :slight_smile:


There has to be some kind of algorithm that remembers how you recorded an event, vs keeping a digital copy of the event in the cloud specifically for you. I know how much space I use up on my hard drive on my DVR at home. I cannot image how much virtual memory that would be in the could across all those users.

Maybe not as much. I would imagine they record one copy of each show, mirrored somehow across cloud servers, and a database that tags each customer who has “recorded” it.

I believe this is what’s happening.

What’s interesting however, I have some TV shows set to record, old sitcoms I just like having around for background noise like Seinfeld. It will record multiple instances of Seinfeld and you can choose which version of the recording you want to re-watch. I’ve never seen it get more than 2, but it seems like it will re-record episodes to give you the last couple of most recent times it aired rather than just hang on to the original first recording.

Also interesting - it seems to integrate with some of the Network On Demand services. For instance, I missed the first episode of The Good Place this season and forgot to record it. So I set the series to record before week 2 and suddenly the first episode was available to watch, but it was the version like if I was watching on, with commercials I couldn’t fast-forward through. Not ideal but totally saved me in that case.

My Directv also does this… but you have to sit through all the annoying on-line commercials. I have also very often been given the option to “go back the the start” of a show I started watching in the middle of, but once you do that, it’s basically streaming the on-line version of that episode, and you lose the ability to scan through the commercials.

I have heard of instances with certain on-line DVR services that when you “record” a show what they then give you is the streaming epsiode of that show, with the streaming ads included… and NOT the broadcast version that you “recorded”. Any platform that does that… I’m out.

I believe it is “on demand” that requires you to watch commercials.

On the sitcoms I’ve shelved (same strategy) it can be hard to tell which one is the one you can FF through commercials for.

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Agreed. But I’m afraid we may be headed there on all platforms before too long. :frowning:

Network television and cinema are getting crushed business-model wise. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime have more than 100 million subscribers playing a monthly fee (although Amazon’s includes shipping costs for its separate retail business) - a huge cash stream.

Network TV relies on cable fees (which are dropping) and advertising (which are skippable).

Cinema relies on big theatrical hits propping up everything else.

Like many here, I suppose, the Big 10’s TV contracts dictate that I continue to get cable (although through the YTTV streaming service).

Side effect: The massive Big 10 school subsidies rely on cable fees. I wonder what the current break-even point is as far as price point in a switch to subscriber streaming fees.

IMO, the necessity of having blanket national coverage for TV ‘broadcasting’ could lead to some interesting consortiums in the years ahead, i.e. the “Power 5 Streaming Service”.

I said this to someone the other day talking about the proliferation of individual on-line streaming services (Disney, HBO, ESPN+, BTN+ etc) all demanding $10 a month or whatever.

People wanted Ala-carte programming from their cable provider. Well, that’s where this is headed because that’s what the market wanted, just in a different form. Instead of spending $100 a month to your cable company all at once, you’re going to pay $10 a month to the 10 streaming services you find most valuable (OR you could pay $50 if you only want to watch 5, etc). I believe the finances are eventually going to work themselves out to the same place.

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This was the suggestion of the year so far!

ESPN app archives about everything else.

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YouTube Tv has a three-weeks free trial going on now, but it ends today, I think.

Signed up for YouTube TV to test out using at my Philly condo when I visit up (once a month now) there. Gonna cancel DirecTV tomorrow. The thing I find odd (this happened with AT&TNow also) is on my iPhone and Tablet the location they will switch to Philadelphia local stations. But on my TVs using the app there they tie it in to your billing address, in my case here in I still get my South FL local stations up in Philly there. You’d think they’d track everything by your IP address, but I guess not for TV apps. I guess they think TVs are tied to your home address, and not your location.

Think the Att Now is tracked by where you phone account was set up. I’m getting Scranton stations down in Delaware because my account was started up in Scranton. And I’m not changing my phone #.

Unreal. This service was $35/month in 2017 when it launched, then they hiked it to $50 last year and now another 15 bucks to $65?

That might be it for me. I really like the service, but pretty sure Hulu Live TV and a few other similar services might be a better deal at this point.

What are they thinking raising prices this aggressively at a time like this?

Good tip … with nothing for BTN or ESPN, I’m out for sure.

Dang. With this plus internet price as a stand alone, it would be more than I pay now for Xfinity with some extras. When these services started at $40 per month and had ESPN and BTN, I was all in. Then they started to raise prices and it no longer made any sense.