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Cool tool for making unbiased picks


This WSJ lets you make your picks without knowing the actual teams involved. You pick based upon each teams strengths and weaknesses.
edit: here is our matchup. I think :wink:

Code name: Gibbons .
Seed range: 7-8
RPI range: 21-30
Conference profile: Mid-major
Does not commit many turnovers
Has a diverse offensive attack
Top four scorers are upperclassmen
Conference has had NCAA tournament success

Has not won tournament game since 2001
Beat just one ranked team
Struggles away from home at times
Average at defending the 3-point shot

Code name: Moose .
Seed range: 9-10
RPI range: 31-40
Conference profile: High major
Finished strong, reaching conference tournament final
Experienced roster (though not in the NCAA tournament)
Takes care of the ball
Keeps opponents off the foul line

If their star is off, they’re dead
No tournament experience (last appearance: 2001)
Doesn’t get to the free-throw line much
Gets killed by the three


The problem with this is that I know most of these teams just based on the descriptions. Been watching too much hoops. :-\


I ended up picking OSU over Pitt this way. My real bracket has Kansas over Duke.


This is a really good tool. Oddly, I ended up with very similar picks to what I already had…

Picked OSU over ND instead of OSU over Pitt.

Final Four was OSU, SDSU, ND, BYU as opposed to

OSU, SDSU, Pitt, Purdue


This was wicked cool. 8) I had a laugh looking at my picks.

I picked PSU to the Sweet 16 (and guessed correctly which team they were).

I had Kentucky beating OSU (which I wouldn’t pick unblinded).

I blindly put Purdue in the Elite Eight, while Wisconsin loses to Utah State in round 2. Go figure.

B1G by rounds: 6-1; 3-3; 1-2; 0-1.

My Final Four was Kansas, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, and Cincinnati. (I’d have picked the first two, but not the last two, unblinded).

Kansas beats Carolina to win it all.

At least I didn’t pick UAB.


Just got a Final Four of UNC, SDSU, Notre Dame, and Pitt.

That’s not close to what my biased predictions were.


[quote=“dg12x, post:6, topic:2183”]Just got a Final Four of UNC, SDSU, Notre Dame, and Pitt.

That’s not close to what my biased predictions were.[/quote]

SDSU, shame on you. :wink:


Wow, I just realized that Temple’s last win in the Big Dance was against us. I knew that our last tourney game was a loss to them, but I didn’t realize that they have not won a game since.