Coaching Change Thread


If you lured a bunch of staff from all over the country there to work for you and then left, jeopardizing their careers, they might feel differently. They might “get it” but still think you were a dbag (in the parlance of our thread).


Watching Xavier look ready to advance to another sweet 16, think there’s any chance Mack would ever leave Xavier?

Pretty sure he’s an X-man himself, but surely he could land himself at one of the top programs in this country if he ever wanted to, no?


is he not bringing any of those guys with him?

plus, isn’t that just an accepted part of the job at this level? feel like you either have to “get it” or get out of that profession if you can’t handle it.


Sorry, the “staff” analogy I meant was to recruits.


Oh, i see. But like I said, isn’t that always going to happen when a coach leaves? Why specifically is leaving in year 1 better or worse?

If anything, he’s got less guys there that he “lured” than if he was there 2 or 3 more years. :stuck_out_tongue:



Interesting current list of usual suspects that does not contain Archie Miller or Gregg Marshall.


Retread watch:


Washington taps on Mike Hopkins, “coach-in-waiting” from Syracuse. Hopkins to take Washington


Holy crap!


Is there any other way to read that other than Hopkins saying GFY to Boeheim?


Or vice versa: Boeheim to Hopkins: “I’m not quitting. Worked out well for Paterno and Woody!”


Superb point.


Maybe Mike sees himself being the “sure thing” to replace Boheim as not so much anymore. Going out to UW and proving himself as a head coach for a year or two, might put himself in a better position if he wants to go back to Cuse.


From a related article: “Steve Lavin is reportedly interested in the Syracuse job. ‘The head coach-in-waiting job at Stanford is the job I’ve always wanted. What? Oh, Syracuse! That’s what I meant. Yes, Syracuse. I’ve always wanted the Syracuse job. That’s the one. Not that I care, but is the Stanford job open?’”


Another possibility: He liked what he saw at Washington.

Since I befriended a UW grad a half dozen years ago (and am subjected to her FB pictures of Seattle and the UW environs), I can see how people would go there and never want to leave. Spectacular setting, close to real cultural events (not just occasional imports to campus), world-class university (No. 54 national in US News).


It has been so long since he left, but Hopkins is originally from the West Coast. California, I think.



A harder question than I thought - not that IU isn’t in the top 10, but who constitute the top 10?

Top 5 pretty easy:

Next group

Even Texas takes some rationalizing (money, recruiting base). Who else is in the discussion?


Bernie Fine is available