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Club Seats

While orbiting the walkway at the BJC yesterday, I noticed a display of club seating “coming soon” for the BJC. First time I heard of this. Anyone know anything about this.

I can’t imagine that being successful anytime soon. Football club seats are good because of the chair back seats and the climate controlled lounge, you get those in the regular BJC seats.

There are already club boxes at the BJC. Is this in addition to those, or a renovation of those?

News to me. I’m meeting with an NLC rep in about 11 days and will inquire.

Looked pretty comfy to me.

I hadn’t heard anything about it either - was surprised to see them yesterday. I wonder if that’s a PSU thing or if the company that runs the BJC wanted them.

Where are they located and how are they different from the other seating?

They sure are being marketed … that I’m aware of.