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Chambers on the radio in the morning


He’ll be chatting with Steve Jones during Jones’ morning radio gig with 95.3 3WZ at 9:15 in the morning.

Instruction on streaming the show on your mobile device here.

Supposedly, you can listen to he station on your computer here but I got errors when I just tried it (hopefully only because they are off the air now).

Forget about that link, if you want to listen on your computer go to the above mobile link and click on the small blue PLAY icon in the sidebar widget.


I just get a kick that not only does 3WZ still maintain channel 4, it still has a web-based version too.


By the time I got the audio the interview had already started. I heard the last several minutes. It was ALL promotional stuff. No player mentions.

Did anyone hear the beginning of the interview??


The mobile stream didn’t work. >:(


He started out mentioning the importance of Frasier, Oliver, and Woodyard providing leadership this season. Steve then asked about recruiting, but started it off with a “we know you can’t talk about specific recruits due to NCAA rules”. They talked about the importance of the asssitants and the fact that getting them was his most important recruiting job.

As usual, Chambers was very energetic and selling the program. He’s very excited to get it going today.


I heard a brief mention about Newbill. Has a “run through the wall” mentality.

Not much really.


I enjoyed it, Chambers seems like a good guy.


Enjoyed it also. But I’m really coming to enjoy that show just in general each morning I get to listen to it. Steve Jones is the best.