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Chambers on Frazier


From 247Sports

[i]Where’s the love for Frazier?

“As a coach, I’m not going to promote my player,” Chambers said [NOTE: Then he goes on to do exactly that. LOL]. “I probably should but I don’t. You watch the Big Ten Network and you watch ESPN. The fact he doesn’t even get a mention when he’s one assist away from a triple-double or for whatever you want to call it – player of the weekend or player of the day – it’s mind blowing. Yeah, we were 2-10 at the time and he doesn’t get any exposure or notoriety.

“But he’s earned the right to be in the same breath with Jordan Taylor and all the great point guards in this league and across the country. He is probably 85 percent of what we do as a team and he does more than that because he’s our leader and our captain.”[/i]


He deserves more love, for sure. But so did Talor, Stanley, Jamelle, Geary, etc, etc, etc… only thing we can really control is how much we in ‘the know’ show our appreciation.


Maybe…now…finally…the SID will start to concentrate on promoting the players. For years the only person promoted was the late Joe Pa, watch a game on TV, the announcers talked about the other teams players and our coach.

Now perhaps…we talk about the players and their accomplishments!!!