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Celebration tonight at BJC


This just posted on the PSU Basketball Facebook.

“The Lions are about to leave Indy, and we want you to help us welcome them home! Just go to the back parking lot of the BJC at 9 pm to welcome them home and celebrate their great tournament run and bid to the tournament!!!”


Too bad I’m not in State College, I would easily congratulate them.


Whoever is going cheer a bit louder for me. :slight_smile:


Team plane lands about 9:20


Just back from the BJC Center. Bus arrived 9:55 and was greeted by about 50 fans. Small turnout, but the smile on Talor’s face showed how much they appreciated the support. Too bad there wasn’t a more organized effort to get people off their butts and to the BJC center, but the team appreciated the show of support.


Call me crazy but I got this gut feeling that there will be a big showing of support soon enough. Hopefully no riots though.


Alas, many of us students ourselves were arriving in State College, as Spring Break has ended.


Is there any talk of a send off for the team???