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Nice headline. If Chambers is as good as we can do, I’m fine with that because he is going to be awesome. I wonder if Gary Parrish is as much of a douche in person as he appears to be on the internet.!/collegebasketball


Parrish is awfully harsh on the Penn State basketball program. I wonder though, is it true that Everhart actually pulled out? Or did we tell him he wasn’t going to get the job? I see people referencing that Everhart pulled out, but I don’t think he was our first choice, as other people suggest.


Parrish is going out of his way to be harsh and he does not know if Everhart was told he was not getting the job before he announced that he was pulling out. Coaches are allowed to save-face in situations like this and Parrish apparently is not intelligent enough to realize it. If a coach does not want the job he will more than likely not interview. If he pulls out after the interview then he was likely told he was not getting the job. There may be some cases where the coach is not able to negotiate a suitable contract but that is not likely to happen often. Coaches know what they are getting into before they interview. Everhart had some help getting the interview, Wooten is good friends with JoePa and Fogler, and I believe it is obviously he wanted the job.


Parish is a hack. Does anybody even follow his stuff?


CAN anybody even follow his stuff?


I think Everhart was sure he was going to get the job, but got rejected for a number of reasons. I think he announced that he was not interested because he was embarrassed.


Seems pretty standard these days to withdraw your name from consideration once you’ve been told you’re not the choice. Both Jeter and Everhart did it. I think Parrish has it all wrong with respect to Everhart.


That’s what most people think. I can’t believe a sports reporter doesn’t get that.


I think Chambers was near top of list from the start and Everhart was plan C.


I have to believe that Everhart was a courtesy interview only.

I am also shocked that two people with pretty big platforms, Parrish and the Eamonn guy at ESPN, propound the coach withdraws story as anything other than “rejected coach magnanimously allowed to withdraw”. It’s just idiotic. This is the way it happens everywhere, usually closer to selection time. The fact that Lebo and Everhart withdrew so far ahead of the announcement suggests to me that they were out extremely early, if they were ever even in at all.