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Catching up with Pete Lisicky



Great to see the 3 pt shooting video.I still think Pete had the best looking jump shot I ever saw for a PSU player. Yes, better than JC’s!!


Lisicky seemed to have a pure under control shot. Crispin would often look off-balance, somehow hanging in the air, when he launched his. And their career shooting percentages reflect that (40.0% vs 34.8%).


Possibly the best SG in Penn State basketball history. With their feet set, both Lisicky and Crispin had picture-perfect form but I’m not sure anyone in the program ever had a quicker release than Joe Crispin.


^Joe Crispin had one heck of a first step. And he was one of the only guys who used to pull up for 3’s on a fast break and knock em down more times than not!