BYU says "Not so fast"


A Provo newspaper reports that their SID says they are still negotiating with several teams on a NY game and that nothing is firm yet.


I’ve heard they might be working out a Siena,Penn State,BYU, and UAlbany 2 gAme series.makes the trips worth it for everybody.Nobody ever confirms anything until they feel like it,if it wasn’t in the works they would have denied it.Plus TheRealTruth wouldn’t have known an exact date unless it was really close to being a done deal.


2 game series is smart, so is including Siena, which uses the same arena as their home court. For PSU to play Siena and BYU would be great. Two NCAA tourney teams.


Apparently the arena isn’t available that day:


[quote=“Tom, post:4, topic:1051”]Apparently the arena isn’t available that day:[/quote]

It also says that they’re 99% sure it’s going to happen


Key here seems to be the venue. Understandably, the Glens Falls mayor wants it in his civic center, but it sounds like BYU has contacted the roughly 4X larger Times Union Center, which makes more sense as a venue. As mentioned, it caught the GF mayor by surprise. Sounds like he’s getting cut out of the loop. Nice idea he had, but with 4800 seats, BYU has to be much more interested in the larger arena if this game’s going to happen. Seems like BYU is more on board with this than PSU. Siena or Albany could just as easily be BYU’s opponent. The Albany area is more closely tied to Battle. Glens Falls is one hour north of the Times Union Center.

The Civic Center has held the NYSPHSAA and the Federation championships for many years, maybe since 1981. Not sure how they pulled it off, but maybe cause it’s close to nobody, but relatively “central”, so fair if you’re coming from Buffalo or NYC/Long Island. Tobias Harris’ Holly Hlls West team won the AA PHS championship last weekend.


Sad. not surprising.

[quote="kidcoyote, post:6, topic:1051"][b]Seems like BYU is more on board with this than PSU.[/b] Siena or Albany could just as easily be BYU's opponent.[/quote]

Sad. not surprising.

Siena might be out of the loop now that the coaching change is going on.