Bubble teams revisited


UTEP - Destroyed by Butler in second half
Minnesota - Loss to Xavier
Utah State - Dominated by A&M
Louisville - Loss to California
Florida - 2OT loss to BYU

Arizona State - Lost to Jacksonville in first round of NIT
Ole Miss - Beat Troy and Memphis in NIT
Illinois - won @Stony Brook in first round*
Miss State - Beat Jackson State and just lost to UNC in NIT
Rhode Island - Beat Northeastern in first round of NIT
Virginia Tech - beat Quinnipiac in first round of NIT*
Seton Hall - blown out by TTU in NIT

Still too close to tell about Illinois and VT in the NIT since their competition is a lot weaker. All the bubble teams have been eliminated in the first round. One can make an argument for GT and Missouri since they were 10 seeds… they both won their games.

Just interesting to look at, since we dealt with this hindsight bubble team discussion last year with PSU.

I had felt that Illinois and VT should have made the tournament, even though I thought Illinois wouldn’t make it. Makes me question future evaluation of high win count, but low quality win teams in the future (Utah State, UTEP). Utah State has an asterisk since they shot terribly against A&M. But shooting is part of the game.


Really only surprised by Utah State… but that had more to do with A&M just killing it in the first half, they made more three’s in the first half than they typically made in a game… Played out of their minds offensively. Was a tough one to swallow for me, I was pulling hard for Utah State.


That one kid with the funny name was like 2 for 15 and like 1 for 9 from 3… he just couldn’t hit one.