BTN Penn State Preview


Dave Revsine and Jimmy Jackson discuss PSU


Thanks Lar. But did anyone think that Jimmy Jackson was clueless? I mean, to not even mention a newbie, one or maybe two who might start is evidence he doesn’t even know who they are. I know it’s early, but how about doing a little homework before doing a preview. And when asked how they’ll do, he says, “this team has a lot of talent, a lot of athletic ability, but will it result in wins?” Vague platitudes if you ask me. Jim, check the roster. And isn’t unlikely that DJ plays the wing? Doh, that word again.


I also, did not think Jackson was very well prepared. Not a great review when you only mention 2 players this season. Maybe JJ spent too much time picking out that tOSU colored necktie!


A mention of Babb or Brooks and/or Frazier might have been in order, but what you come to find out about talking heads on TV and radio is that us rabids know a lot more about our own team than any of these folks who cover the conference or the nation. We absorb every article and youtube video on every player and recruit, while these guys pick up an article or scan a web page when PSU is on the docket.

Sure they know everything there is to know about TB. But when they are trying to get to know 11 teams and all the components that go into making up those teams, they end up talking in vague tongues rather than expert speak at this point of the season, especially when they are talking about the 9th best team in the Big Ten ::slight_smile: