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Brown-Jones decommits

This is a massive blow, no two-ways about it. A consequence of him being a good player and PSU having a down year.

We’re in trouble in the front-court once again. All of a sudden the 2020 roster is very, very thin there.



Chambers ‘street cred’ after last year’s awful first few months is at an all time low. And with two decommits in a month, nobody of any high level skill is going to sign up until they see PSU win a whole lot of games next year. Which is 100% dependent on Watkins/Stevens coming back.


More bad luck. :thinking:

Yep. Gotta admit. This legit blows. Chambers is going to need to channel David Blaine to pull out of this pickle.


Starting to get a lame duck vibe here, not sure how Chambers is going to be able to keep this train from going off the tracks. Good luck to the kid.


Not ideal.

you play out a worst case scenario and it could be as bleak as about you can get. Stevens/Watkins don’t come back resulting a disaster next year with Chambers fired and multiple transfers out at years end. New coach is going to be lucky to have 5 schollie players when he gets hired.

I feel as if season tickets this year were a bad investment…


Unfortunately my AAU contacts say a lot of the same. Not a lot of momentum on the trail at all. Most just assumed he was gone anyway.

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The answer is that he is likely not. It almost feels as if in the next year we are going to fall back to the 2011-12 season.

The Dechellis parallels continue. Really is remarkable when you think about it.


time is a flat circle, apparently.

Sort of but not really. If Stevens/Watkins stay and PSU has a NCAA tourney year next year, I think Pat could capture some momentum back on the trail and bring in some decent players late. And if PSU makes the tourney, probably means Dread and Bolton up their game so there will be some talent left the following year.

If Pat tanks next year, then the cupboard ends up bare like when DeChellis left but at least Ed went out with a bang in the NCAA tourney appearance where Pat will go out with back to back disaster years. So Pat goes down as the worst BBall coach in PSU history and probably up there as one of the worst ever in P5 history looking at length of time and win percent.

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Or we could have a tourney year and then go back to flat with almost no one again. Just like 2011-12.

This is not a good sign for the start of a vital class for this program. 2020 is well off in our recruiting areas, so losing a player already is not a good sign. Hopefully he can get it back on track, but I’m quite pessimistic. Even if the team has a rebound year next year and makes the NCAA Tournament, if the 2020 class is no good we’re essentially still stuck for a year or two at best.

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Irregardless of how good or bad next season is, it’s time to move of from PC. 1 NCAA appearance would not change that.


Nate Bauer of BWI mentioned he decommitted because he felt uneasy with Chambers future, which makes sense based on all the fan posts on this site and others.


Completely agree. Time to move on.

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