Brittany Griener (Baylor) punch


Does anyone else think that Brittany got off way too easy for her violent sucker-punch of Texas Tech’s Jordan Barncastle?


Yes, I think she should have been suspended for the rest of this hoops season.


I just saw the “punch” this morning. Yes, I think she should have been suspended for the season.
Eventually the lawyers will make a nice piece of change on Civil action.


I’m glad she’s playing. She’s the best player in the country. Keep in mind, that girl could’ve been belting her all game for her to react like that. The punch was nasty, no doubt. When Pele played soccer, he said opponents would kick his legs all game, even when he didn’t have the ball. If he punched someone out late in the game, could you blame him? This girl has more blocks than most teams, and Baylor’s the only team with a shot to beat UConn.


I think I heard that she averages more blocks per game than all but 5 teams in the country.

Whether they were “belting” her all game or not, I don’t think that’s an issue. I couldn’t image a guy doing that in a game and only getting 2 games off. She turned around and did a closed fisted sucker punch directly to the other girl’s face/head !!!


She’s 6’9’’ in a sport where tall is 6’4’’. If you watch her play, she’s really stiff in her movements. It’s not much of a stretch to think she’d give up 40 to a D1 scrub and probably get shut out by the same guy.