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Breaking: Juwan Staten transfers to Penn State



Nothing other than a tweet from him that he is, but I can confirm that it’s happening


He seems to have tweeted it, and people are congratulating him on the decision.


No man is an island…well, except him.


well if true. welcome Juwan.


I’m going with three dunks per game.

Larry Hansgen’s call of Juwan Staten’s one-hand hammer dunk vs. New Mexico


I was hoping that we could get someone to transfer in. Welcome to the team Juwan


looks like its been confirmed by some reporters on twitter. Didn’t realize he was a 4 star ranked guard. Guess now we got to land the wing next.

Welcome to happy valley mister Staten.


Very interesting.


If we’re getting Staten, I wonder if that helps us with the recruitment of Dayton de-commitment LaDontae Henton.

I assume Staten will have to sit out next season. If Trey Lewis turns out to more more of a #2 guard than the PG I assumed when we signed him, then we’re going to need Staten as a true PG behind Tim Frazier when Frazier is a senior.


Juwan Staten Baseline Slam with Larry and Bucky radio call


BSD makes a good point. As much as I thought Buie leaving is a big blow to PSU, this is a big get. This guy was highly recruited coming out of Oak Hill.
Good news.


Found a small article/blog thing. It already states what we’ve been told.


I really hope things work out for both Staten and the team but I’ve been reading a lot of negative chatter from UD fans. It seems Staten was not a team player and his Father is very involved with his son’s basketball interests. From what I’ve gathered this is not sour grapes from the Flyer fans.

Once again I hope that the Staten’s just need a change of venue and all works out but I am hesitant about this transfer.


Very interesting, indeed!!


Finally, someone transfering IN!


So, did this count as ED’s second 4-star recruit?


On paper it looks great. I’m definitely assuming ED has little concern about the chemistry issue his reported baggage may cause.


WOW! Certain reported issues aside, this kid is a MONSTER talent. Wasn’t expecting to wake up to this impressive news.


Here is how Staten stacks up against some familiar names from last year’s Rivals top 150:

#34 Keith Appling (MSU)
#44 Juwan Staten
#90 Jershon Cobb (NW)
#104 Aaron Craft (OSU)
#133 Victor Oladipo (IU)
#136 Taran Buie
#146 Jon Graham


Ok, so I’ve previously gone on the record here stating that I didn’t want Staten at PSU for several reasons:

  1. He got a reputation here in Dayton for being a less than stellar teammate and not a great locker-room guy
  2. His dad is seriously in his business and therefore in the team’s business
  3. As UD’s starting PG he averaged almost 30 minutes a game and made 4, I repeat 4 three pointers last season (he was 4 -26, so I guess he deserves some credit for not chucking up a ton of them when he knows they’re not going in)
  4. He wants playing time and I’m not sure how he’ll get it at the point during his sophmore year (it will be Timmy’s senior year)

However, I do trust Ed’s judgement on a matter like this much more than my own perception or what I’ve read on multiple message boards, so I’m certainly now that he’s here I hope he tears it up and I’ll root for him to be a great teammate and make the team better. So, a couple of reasons to be optimistic:

  1. He was a highly recruited PG (ESPN had him as a 94 rating and the 71st ranked player in the country last year…he was also listed as considering Xavier, Cincinnati, OSU and Indiana)
  2. He was the starting PG at a decent mid-major as a freshman
  3. He is crazy quick
  4. He gets a year to sit and hopefully mature and work on his jump shot and decision making
  5. He gets to learn from Timmy for the next two seasons

I think this is a high risk, high reward move by Ed. I’m trusting he knows what’s up.