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Bracket Competition


Is anyone setting one up?


Well since we will be picking PSU to win the whole dance. What is the point :wink:


I filled out my first bracket, just to get a feel for it…

I have three B1G teams in the final four…hmmm


The one on CBS Sports is still set up. I do not remember the group password which you would need to sign up if you didn’t compete before.

the above link will access the group


Yeah i can still get in the cbs one from last year.


I have a CBS id & pw but I would need an invite since this is a private bracket. Or does someone have an id & pw I can use to get in?


The above link should get you the invite you need but I do not remember the group password. Does Anyone?


Who set this one up last year ? If someone can find the thread from last year should have the needed info to get in


Is there any way to leave CBS brackets? I’m still in competitions from sophomore year of high school… Just a lot of clutter on my “fantasy page”. Wish I could leave them…


I would be interested in joining a bracket competition, if one is being set up for this forum, just let me know the details!


I think the password was “Larwasright” ;D


So I went back and looked at last years bracket competition.

noobd set up one on Yahoo (remember the lengthy discussion as to how to score each round)

pmhewitt set up the CBS one in a previous year so the password was not mentioned last year

We did have one on ESPN awhile ago. I only remember this because I won one year

So… if we want to use Yahoo someone needs to set it up. If we want to use the existing CBS group then we need the password. Or we could go back to ESPN. I don’t think it really matters but someone with more posts than me should decide



I’m in if somebody can give me the pool password. PM me please.


Since this appears to be going in circles, I’ll set up a new one.


Here’s the link:

Look in previous posts to find the PW. ;D

I’m working on the scoring system.


It’s possible to have endless debates about scoring systems. Quite frankly, one of the reasons that I hesitated setting up a pool was that I didn’t want to get involved in an ongoing debate about it. However, since no one seemed about to grab the bull by the horns, I’ve decided that there is an alternative solution. I’ll use the methodology that the commissioner of my golf league uses - and which has turned out to work surprisingly well. He simply doesn’t allow any debate. Rules are decided by executive fiat. Because he’s so well respected, it works really well and everyone pretty much accepts it.

I’m not so delusional that I think everyone respects me so much that they will accept my executive fiat, however, I do have something else going for me. I just don’t care what everyone thinks. So by executive decree, here’s the scoring system. If you don’t like it, choose another pool somewhere else.

Since we hardcore Penn State Hoops fans consider ourselves somewhat of a secret society , I’ve decided to use the DaVinci Code as inspiration (the first puzzle was to find the password). For the scoring system, I’ll be using the geek favorite Fibonacci Series to weight each rounds picks.

The first round will start with a value of 2 with subsequent rounds getting the next Fibonacci number as their value. For those that need it spelled out, each pick in the second round is worth 3 points, the third round 5, the fourth round 8, the semifinals 13, and the finals 21.

To encourage picking underdogs, each correct pick will get bonus points equal to their seed. So if you pick the infamous 12/5 upset in the first round, you will get 2 pts for a correct pick plus 12 seed points for 14 points as opposed to the 7 points (2 for the win, 5 for the seed) that would be gained by a five seed win in that game.

A little bit complex but I think a nice balance of weighting the later rounds higher while also encouraging non chalk picks.

So be it. My decision is final and I’m NOT open to suggestions. ;D

Note: We’ll use the typical tiebreaker of total points in the championship game.


It’s Pi day. Can’t we do something using that, Lar.

Just kidding!


[quote=“tjb, post:17, topic:2148”]It’s Pi day. Can’t we do something using that, Lar.

Just kidding![/quote]

Damn. Wish I had thought of that.

But in honor of Pi Day.

The Sound of Pi Cool Video ClipJunkie com


So are we using last years password or not? I found last years bracket competition but we used yahoo last year and Ottzilla was the password.


You apparently have no sense of humor. ;D