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Bolton enters transfer portal

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Darn it.

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Well, now we know who’s leaving and why they were targeting guards…

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We’re just gonna ride this thing the whole way back down to the bottom aren’t we?

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Good luck to Rasir, and bye Pat.


Climbing back into the abyss.

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Maybe he’s afraid of heights

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Well one more transfer and we hit the trifecta of 2 graduates, 2 leave early and 2 transfers.


Don’t forget 2 very nice looking recruits pulled their commitment in the last month.

This is not a good sign if Steven and Watkins do not return then this team will be possible a single digit win team. I hope we arent heading to the cycle again like we did with Dunn and Dechellis.

Do you mean single digit or single win?

like not more then 9 wins

Maybe he just doesn’t want to be a backup, does anyone honestly see him starting over Wheeler and Dread? I wish he would stay but I could see where he wants to be the guy.

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If Bolton/Watkins both leave, including Reaves that would be 3 of our top 6 gone from a team that went 14-18.

Rotation next year would look like:

Wheeler/Dread/Brockington/Stevens/Harrar… with Lundy/Jones/McCloskey/Buttrick being the primary bench contributors. Hopefully Abdou can give minutes inside…

He already played more than Wheeler as a true freshman, I don’t really think that’s a concern. He also had a permanent green light most of the season, I can’t see him being given more freedom somewhere else.

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I think he would start at the 2 with Dread moving to the 3

That’s Brockington’s spot

If he does leave, and this season is a repeat of last season, you absolutely have to make a change.

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I liked Bolton better than Dread honestly.

Pat gave it his all. To beat my dead horse, needed to dance the last two years to establish psu and him as coach. That was the top in terms of roster and psu underperformed. People see that. It is what it is. Metrics don’t pay the bills.

Teams are obviously in different stratospheres but there are similarities between the fb team and bb team the last two years with respect to having historically good teams and blowing games and arguably underperforming potential and missing the dance/playoffs. You see it impacting perception and recruiting. Again fb team is still very good but similar relative feel lately. I’ll duck now.


Damn. I really liked Bolton and thought it looked like he enjoyed playing here.

Tough to imagine what would lead to him choosing to transfer. He was the go to player at the end of a lot of those “coin flip” games.

Not to hijack the thread but i don’t feel the FB team situation is remotely the same feeling right now, another great class coming in and a bunch of young talented dudes already on the roster ready to go. May not win a national title any time soon but will firmly be in the top 3 of the league for the near future. Things are steady over there. I’d kill to see the basketball team ever establish that kind of consistency.

Basketball meanwhile is still just trying to push that boulder up the hill… time to reset and give somebody else a run at it. Yes we were close to cresting that hill, yes we had some unlucky breaks and were clearly better than our record indicated the last two years, but that’s the business.

I don’t think Rasir leaving is a make or break moment on its own, as much as I love his game and his potential and I’m devastated to see him leaving… but combined with all the other recruiting and roster happenings this off-season, coming off a 14-18 season… it’s gotta be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.