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pact dissolves


the whole idea of this made absolutely no sense and was unprecedented in college football. you only have a few non conference games in CFB unlike college basketball. it further makes no sense considering the Rose Bowl is supposedly there to match the winner of each conference.

as far as:

A key sticking point is that Pac-12 teams play nine conference games while Big Ten teams play only eight.

the reason why the Pac-10 increased their number of conference games to 9 in the mid 2000s was because it wanted to have a full round robin since it had 10 teams total. (at the time it was a great idea) once it expanded into divisions last year, became the Pac-12 and had a conference championship game, continuing to have 9 conference games became entirely pointless.

so the sticking point was something whose initial purpose doesn’t even exist now. this is just another example of how news isn’t really news. this was announced last november, and 8 months later absolutely nothing was done, despite meetings, talking, resources used, fan reaction, and they got nothing done.


[quote=“tundra, post:1, topic:3340”]pact dissolves[/quote]

So, will the Big 10 revisit the 9 game conference schedule now?