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Big Ten Reveals 2012 Women's Basketball Tournament Bracket


2012 Tournament Bracket


Lady Lions vs. Minney tomorrow 3/2 @ 6 pm on the BTN.


Minnesota just laid the wood to Wiscy, whooping them by 32 points.

The good news is that we had just got done playing Minny near the end of the season, and had the game in hand at halftime.

There have been no surprises in the opeining day of 4 early games. All the favored teams won, all by large margins. IN fact, each favored beam was winning by double digits at the half.


Todays games so far:

2 seed OSU beat # 7 seed Michigan

6 seed Nebraska beat # 3 seed Iowa


Looks like Marisa is gonna play, but Ariel will not tonight.


There is no IGT for this MN game and since the game is already in the second half I won’t start one now.
I would say I dabble in watching the Lady Lions. Meaning I don’t see them play alot but I wouldn’t say they are a foreign element either.
They just won 12 of 13 so they must be doing something right.
I am fine with running and quick tempo, but I also look for some discipline and staying within yourself. When I have watched this team there is an awful lot of street ball, one on one and not being in control. Bently, who can show flashes of a solid point, continues to revert to undisiplined shooting without regard to spreading the ball. Washington finally just yanked her and I think gave her a “what are you thinking” talk
A Washington coached team has never come close to having a positive assist to turnover ratio, way negative is more like. Until that stat changes I don’t look for anything more than this team has already provided.
Very vulnerable top seeded team.


Top-Seeded Lady Lions Fend Off Minnesota in Big Ten Tournament, 78-74

Lady Lions now play # 4 seed Purdue in the 2nd game of tonights doubleheader around 7:30 PM on the BTN.


Top-Seeded Lady Lions Fall on Buzzer-Beater to No. 4 Purdue in Big Ten Tournament, 68-66


Not to put blame on one player, but if Nikki Greene were able to hit a layup, this game is won.


Purdue ends up winning it all.

Congrats to them.