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Big Ten players invited to the Chicago Draft Camp


JaJuan Johnson, PUR
Jon Leuer, WIS
David Lighty, OSU
DeMetri McCamey, ILL
Etwaun Moore, PUR
Darius Morris, Mich
Jereme Richmond, ILL

Also of note, Jeremy Tyler…the kid who skipped his senior year of high school to play in Europe (played 10 games then quit the team), then played in Japan last year.


Talor was already in a scout league. Perhaps that disqualifies him from this, either officially or unofficially.


Doesn’t disqualify him…just it’s rare to get invited to both…better yet, it’s rare for those invited to the PIT to then get Chicago invites. There are a couple if you compare the lists.


Non contact shoot around…
It’s seems like one of these stupid football “combines.”

At Least Talor got to “play basketball” at Portsmouth!!