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Big Ten hoops news


I was pushing for UPenn for one obvious reason. The Palestra. UMass is an A10 opponent that can be somewhat good. But I can see what you are thinking. What would you suggest? I like sticking to A10 opponents a lot since we have history with many of the teams such as St. Bonaventure.


Having a history with opponents (not rivals) is pretty irrelevant, IMO. Find a P5 opponent and go from there. If you want teams that we have a history with, take a gamble on Cuse or WVU. Cuse may have to be a 2 @ Cuse, 1 @ BJC type of deal. As for the Palestra, that never even crossed my mind, b/c we better not be contracting to play AT an Ivy league school. If we play Penn, it’s at the BJC, not the Palestra. We are a B10 school.


There has been recent history where we have played at Penn, 2013-14 comes to mind when finished up playing a series with them that was home and away. We also played at Marshall and at Bucknell in a 3-1 series (not that I excuse the Marshall series). I get that we are a Big Ten school, but even Michigan State.Wisconsin will play at Oakland/Green Bay every once and awhile. A strong mid-major/P5+1 (St. John’s, Georgetown, or Seton Hall, Princeton/UPenn) can be as exciting and give us a similar bump in our schedule as compared to taking the hard route and finding the P5 team that is willing to play another P5 of somewhat similar caliber that is prepared for the risk of taking a hit on their schedule if they lose to us. Offering a 2-1 opportunity to Princeton/UPenn is good because it gets us to play in front of the players of Philly/New Jersey for instance.St. John’s or Seton Hall gets us further towards NYC.

Does it look weird for us to go to UPenn? Sure, but there are other benefits going for us going there. I don’t, however, want us scheduling games with Drexel on neutral sites both times only for Drexel (or any other team) to be 3-11 both years we play them at neutral site games. It’s almost as if we are wasting the newfound advantage of our fans being in the Palestra/Allentown to have to see a 3-11 team play. If we do that it better be Temple or better.


How about a series with PC (Providence College)? The last time we played them was years ago in the Puerto Rico Thanksgiving tournament, I believe. There is some talent on the recruiting front along the 95 corridor.


Playing Pitt every year would be fun and totally doable in basketball too. I think it would be really fun to do regularly, and then we’ll never get them for the Big Ten-ACC challenge


I remember that game. Just before Frazier left with his Achilles heel injury. Sure it is possible. We’d have to see if they wanted to play of course.


Got any connections to see that idea is heard? lol


haha, no sir


Rutgers is getting destroyed by Purdue rn


Wow, impressive winning streak.



How long did it take Chambers? 7 seasons?




But did they make more money?!


Michigan already up 17-0 at Indiana!


Final: Michigan 69 Indiana 46
Indiana has now lost 6 Big Ten games in a row.


Ohio State looking to join them today with 6 straight losses as they face Nebraska on the road. Then they go visit Michigan next. IU and OSU are both supposed to be tournament teams this year, not good.


Yep, Indiana is currently in 10th place and OSU is currently in 11th place in the BT standings. Who’d have thunk it!


Go figure, OSU wins at Nebraska 70-60.
And Illinois upsets #13 Maryland at MSG 78-67.


Suddenly Illinois is getting hot. They have a better chance in the Big Ten Tournament than us right now.