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Big Ten hoops news


Too bad, I hope it feels much better by next Wednesday. :wink:



Interesting that they used the souix falls court before overlaying that with “US Bank Arena”. Also liked how everything was in time lapse except the shot of the USbank banner :slight_smile:

Finally, I hope that’s not the camera angle for the final 4. that’s a really low profile shot.


Fordham beats Rutgers today 78-70.




Making that point while not coming off as an a-hole is quite an accomplishment. He pulls it off, in my opinion.

Many of the coaches in the Big 10 seem like they might be decent people, too.


Full video of the game on YouTube in case anyone wants to watch it.


I believe Chambers has made a similar speech before.


That applies to all high schoolers, not just bb players!




Glad he said nothing about us. Because it wouldn’t have been worth noting.


SPOILER. Our Arena is last…


Not surprising to me.


It would be interesting to see who here has been to the most of these… I’ve only been to 2.5 of them (Was at State Farm in Champaign, but for a graduation and not hoops). Really need to get to Xfinity soon.


Maryland and Purdue are it for me. Both were great.


I’ve been to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Purdue. I think I’d put the Kohl Center above Carver Hawkeye but Mackey was better than both of them.


Been to the RAC, it’s miles better than the BJC for watching a game and the bathrooms there are from like 1950. It is unreal how bad our arena is for basketball. The absolute worst.


You and I walked in when something was going on. Sharif Chambliss was there? 1. Right? 2. Does it count? (Even I vote ‘no’ on that one. :smile:)