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Big Ten Championship IGT

Let’s do this


“Big Ten Championship IGT”

let that sink in a minute…

Good start…again

[quote=“ronb89, post:2, topic:2132”]wow…

“Big Ten Championship IGT”

let that sink in a minute…[/quote]

Yes, nice job, Tom.

Battle feeling it

Everyone feeling it.

I don’t like Kellogg, but I agree with what he just said on Brooks. He has to dunk that ball. Hope Jeff doesn’t revert to the arc, but continues inside, but does dunk it.

Tough start for Frazier…missed a gimme layup and walked

Looks like Battle is ready, we need to guard the 3 though

Don’t tell me that was Hightower making that travelling call. Doh. :wink:

Radio is 4 sec ahead of TV. I will not listen to shills and pimps insult my team today.

“Last time at Ohio State they were tied with 40 seconds left, they were 4 of 17 from three. They’ve got to double or triple that this time around.”

There you have it. They eyeballs crowd believes that with 40 seconds left, only a 12-24 point lead will suffice.

How was Brooks suppose to dunk that? That was a ridiculous comment by Kellogg. A 7 ft. 250 lb Lauderdale was between the hoop and Jeff plus Jeff had to catch the ball flat footed.

but it was the right call.

Jackson has to hit that short jumper.

Somebody has to be more physical with Diebler. Can’t afford to let him get going.

The pace looks so much different than the last 3 games. OSU sort of forces you to play that way. Alot more up and down, hope our guys’ bodies can hold up!

4 min down, still in it thanks to Battle.
Everyone looks active defensively, OSU shooting well. Now just need to get someone else - hopefully Frazier and Brooks - involved offensively.

He’s human, that means he can blead.

Wow…here come the WTF fouls

Terrible. Frazier was easily set. What the heck was the ref looking at?