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Best venue ever for a CBB game?


I just read this on ESPN…

Carrier prepared to host Spartans, UNC

SAN DIEGO -- It's all but certain that the Michigan State-North Carolina men's basketball game on Veterans Day will be played aboard the USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier that carried Osama bin Laden's body to a burial at sea, organizers say.

Can you imagine the memories created for everyone involved in this game; the players, the coaches, the sailors, etc.

I HAVE TO watch this game. I would even think about getting tickets and flying out to see it.

One of the most unique venues I have ever heard of for a hoops game.


The Washington Generals have done it from time to time. I have a memory of watching one on TV during the holidays a few years back. Not sure if it is a correct memory, but i know that they have played a few on carriers.


They’ve been working on this for a while. I thought I read, though, that there will be few, if any, tix for the public.


The article says that if it rains (in San Diego :stuck_out_tongue: ), that it will be in the hanger deck.

I don’t know which would be more fun to watch, a game on the flight deck, or a game in the hanger deck.


I hope they bring in a heavily reinforced and resilient hardwood floor. I’ve played basketball on the steel deck of the flight deck of my ship and it damn near ruined my knees and ankles.


Will the players be wearing tailhooks for quicker substitutions?