Beaver Statium Question


Legit question…
I met a couple of friends at the Spring Game. Both PSU Alums. Had a great time discussing old PSU stories! As we were leaving the statium one the guys was looking up at the rafters and asked "Does anybody remember anything about an Owl Statue(s) ever being placed in the rafters? He said he had a “vague memory” but he was not sure. I had no such memory.
Please advise.


At one time they were popular, if ineffective means of keeping other birds from roosting. PSU now employs electric screeching devices at teh Palmer Museum and the BJC.


Thanks tree…But, I just thought of something. Does anybody remember years ago when some fans made protests about their Beaver Stadium seats getting “bombed” by bird crap! I think it was pigeons that were responsible. It may have been after the newest endzone additions. Possibly, this initiated some “owl talk.”


I’m pretty sure they was an owl or two at one time.