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BC Roll call!

Who on this board is attending the game this Wednesday? I’ll be there, wearing my PSU alumnus shirt and will be buying a ticket at the game (I hear their attendance is nothing to worry about).

Who else will be in attendance??

I will! (With JYD2, JYD3, and JYD4.)

I’ll be there and hoping for a better show than at the Hall of Fame Tip-Off.

Flying up Wed. afternoon, going with a roommate and his family+girlfriend

Love your signature JYD! Have fun at the game, I love Boston.

The local alumni chapter will have a good amount of supporters there. I have tickets and hope to go.

Does anyone know how big the total PSU crowd will be?

The Boston PSU alumni group said over 100, and that’s just their block. Wahoo!

100 with the alumni association? Sounds awesome! I’m looking forward to actually see other Penn Staters. 8)

Coach Chambers speaks to the crowd in Boston