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Battle vs Crispin - might it actually happen?


Kid’s doing a decent job of tracking Talor’s progress as Cholet goes through their preseason workouts, but a little birdie fed me some pretty interesting information regarding Joe Crispin.

It turns out that there is a possibility, albeit perhaps slim at the moment, that Crispin and Battle could wind up facing each other on a EuroLeague court this winter.

Here’s what has to happen for that to take place.

Cholet is one of 16 teams who are in the running for the last two Euroleague spots in the 24 team league. The first thing that has to happen for the two to face off is Cholet has to beat out 14 other teams to claim one of the final two spots.

The second thing might be even more of a long shot. I’ve just heard from an impeccable source that Joe Crispin is working out with Montepaschi Siena, aka Mens Sena Basket. Siena is one of the top four or five teams in Europe (last year they lost in the semifinals of the Euroleague to eventual champion Panathinaikos, but went on to claim third with a victory over Madrid).

Ordinarily, any new guy would be a long shot to make a top Euroleague squad but my birdie has told me that Joe has actually led Siena in scoring in their last two friendly games (think of them as preseason play). That would suggest that Joe has a legit shot at sticking with Siena.

Wouldn’t it be great to see the two of them go head to head (they’ve actually played against each other in the summer gym many times but I’ve never been able to get anyone to state on the record how things between the two of them turned out)? All the dominoes would have to fall neatly in place but it is a possibility.


I think what we’re all looking for is the answer to that elusive Luber vs. Battle question.

It’s a gorgeous day up here, we got the Crimson Tide in town for that sport we use to entertain ourselves in the offseason, and I’m stirring up trouble… :slight_smile:


This makes me want to schedule a European vacation (if it happens). Don’t know who I’d root for officially, but currently I’d be leaning towards Talor.


Crispin photos from the Mens Sana website.

It turns out that Crispin is evidently with them on a temporary contract because several of their regular players including guards Nikolaos Zisis, Bo McCalebb, Marco Carraretto, and Rimantas Kaukenas, along with center Ksistof Lavrinovic are currently playing for various national teams in Eurobasket, the European Basketball Championships that are currently underway in Serbia.

According to this article, Siena picked up Crispin and a Serbian guard to help out. I’ve also heard a rumor that former UNC star Joe Forte is also with the team on a temp contract. I suppose if Joe continues to play well there’s a possibility he could be signed to a full contract by Siena or another Euroleague team.


Joe signed with a Ukrainian team