Basketball/Rally in the Valley


Just figured I’d pass this along:

“Just a few days away from the big day wanted to share a few updates and reminders.
-The game starts at 6, so show up early!
-Students can attend the basketball game free with student ID and all other tickets are $5 until halftime.
-A lot of big name basketball and football recruits will be there so it’s important to show them how we support basketball and football here at Penn State, the rally starts at 8 so make sure you get to the game and grab a good seat.”

It’ll be really good if we can have a good showing this friday, both for the Rally and the game. So if you can come that would be great.


I can’t make it, but I’ve passed along my tickets to some people who can. Sure, they could get tickets cheap at the door, but I’m hoping that getting them for free beforehand makes it more likely they show up. :slight_smile: