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B1G Tourney IGT -- The Who?siers

Here we go.

Hoosier Daddy!

Do they ever call the player going up with the ball on the center jump anymore. That just happened with the center jump at the start.

Tim with a Tre!

Great first minute! 3-0 psu

Great first two minutes! 6-0…stifling on defense so far

I didn’t know they called moving screens on other teams? :smiley:

That’s a good way to start!!!

Wow!, 8-0

… and Talor hasn’t even touched the ball on offense yet.

How was that a jump ball?

And, how could the ref have seen it was a jump ball in the first place? He was standing directly behind the IU player.

Anyone else think that was a real quick jump ball?

Keep the pedal down boys!

Stretch had a stat that said battle only averages 11.25 points per game in the B1G tourney…

6-1 run by Indiana

8-1 run…Frazier not looking good so far

Gotta cut down these turn overs.

Frazier’s over-penetrating. Getting too deep with nowhere to go - and there’s no one left to protect the basket in transition.

So much for those great first three minutes…calls going our way though so far…

11-1 run.

PSU looking like crap