B1G Tournament 2017


Michigan has (or at least used to have) several alternate uniforms. White, yellow (maize), blue. I thought they could some alternates shipped in. I’m sure it’s much easier said than done though.


If you get a chance to go to one of these things, do it. Very much the vibe of the first round of the NCAA tournament. Very cool to mingle with fans of different teams – and not a lot of jamokes lay out the bucks to make the trip so it’s a fun crowd.


Indiana :astonished:


There goes my McCaffery coach of the year award.


Went to the ACC Tournament about 10 years ago when it was in DC. Went to every game. By the time Sunday rolled around, I felt like I had run a marathon.


You’re surprised? This is the fourth straight year McCaffrey has lost in the second round, each time as a higher seed (twice as a 5, once a 6 and today as a 7). They are the one team you want to see play Penn State next season, if only for their non-existent showing over the past four seasons.


I’ve only went to one B1G tourney–the 2011 version and it was amazing so I second you on this. Indianapolis is such a good setup. Parking deck a half block away if you’re not staying within walking distance. Bars/restaurants surrounding the arena.

I did plan on going to this one because it was so close, but got sick and decided to stay and watch on TV and now I’m kinda glad I did.

Still 100% on attending the B1G tourney and my team makes it to the finals! Hopefully next year I get to see my first ever live NCAA game.


Also, next year the B1G tourney is at MSG. I won’t be missing that one.


20, 27, 22, 22


Indiana will beat Wisky today. They’re the 2nd hottest team in the conference right now.


That’s the one I will be at as well.


I still kick myself to this day for missing Florida Gulf Coast/Georgetown from 2013 when the game was in Philly.


Had a blast back in the A-10 days when it was at the Palestra.
Haven’t been to a B10 tourney yet, but considering MSG next year. That would be tough to miss out on. The Program’s potential to generate some excitement couldn’t be set up any better for us. All we have to do is get some W’s on the board and the thing will take off. We packed the place for the NIT for crying out loud, imagine if we’re actually playing on Saturday or Sunday of the thing.


Checking out just a small fraction of the amazing things in DC made me think that it’s ridiculous to hold something like that in Indianapolis. And Boeheim was right last night - really no reason to hold it in Greensboro. I’ve been to Greensboro many times and there is nothing - nothing - in Greensboro.

Big bucks to stay in NYC, but I stayed in Beltsville for $70/night in a really nice hotel that was a short drive to a 25-minute commuter rail line in. I’ve stayed in the Sheraton in Rutherford (or East Rutherford - it’s the big cylindrical building Graf you Dan see near the Meadowlands) for similar deals and it’s a slightly longer bus ride in, but the system isn’t that bad.

Chicago would be great, too.


Down to the wire in the Purdue/Michigan game


Michigan down 3 with 33 seconds left.


WOW, Michigan ties it up, gets a steal under the basket, but refs stopped the game for a Purdue timeout AFTER Michigan stole the ball.

Edit - nevermind, clock is supposed to stop after a basket with under a minute. While Painter was calling timeout, it didn’t apply.




They should alternate between Chicago and an East Coast city each year. I can’t imagine Indianapolis being much of a destination.


Look at these numbers. Lots of different ways to win and lose games. From a few seconds ago. Now final.

GAME DAY [Was: Northwestern, 8 pm Friday (FS1)]