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B10 poty

Did Jordan Taylor just grab it with that performance last night? These guys think so…

It’s strange, JT never seems to give us the kind of fits he does other teams. I’m always more worried about bigs like Leuer that step outside and hurt us.

In two games this year, JT went a combined 11-24 shooting against us, for an average of 14.5 points per game… although he did drop 7 dimes against us in Madison. Not to say he isn’t a great player, what he did last night and in the 2nd half against OSU shows what kind of skill this kid has… just be glad he didn’t do it to us I guess.

Like many sports the team’s performance enhances the chances of their best player to get the league MVP.

One thing PSU has going for it…it sees a Jordan Taylor-like player every day in practice.