Article: Stat Crew Spotter for a Night


Stat Crew Spotter for a Night


When I was in college in the mid/late 90s, I scored the PSU games on paper for “back up stats” in the event there was a problem with StatCrew. Fortunately, only a couple times was there an issue where the backup stats had to be consulted after a problem with the StatCrew computer, and each time it was only temporary.

Note that at PSU, this is run mainly by student assistants and volunteers. You’ll see them right next to the visitor’s bench. As you can imagine, it takes quite a while to become good at. I think one of the volunteers from my college days is still there.


This story reminds me of this thread.

And for the record, it did get fixed

GOOD! 3 PTR by Chris Babb 17:46 45-35 H 10 ASSIST by Talor Battle 17:46 17:21 TURNOVR by Wallace, Gary STEAL by Talor Battle 17:20 GOOD! DUNK by Talor Battle [PNT] 17:17 47-35 H 12