Anybody watching the Final NIT final




I’ll watch the Final 4, but its not the same when 1) Seton Hall is done 2) PSU is done 3) Your bracket is done (I have WVU over Duke, but I can’t win any $).

Been following the NIT, different than watching the games, though.


Not me. I haven’t even followed the scores. Not sure why.


I’m watching. UNC. is sloppy but talented. Need my roundball fix.


If some kind of apocalyptic event occurs and/or MSG blows up, PSU can remain defending champs. Otherwise, it looks like the title is changing hands. :’(


I’d rather it change hands then have us repeat. Though I was hoping it was because we were in the big boys tourney, not sitting at home like we are.

It’s pretty amazing however we were able to fill up that place the way we did, looking at it tonight looks a little depressing (like most NIT games are lol).


There was no post-game interview like there was with Melle last year. Does that mean PSU was a special team last year? :o


If this whole 96 team NCAA thing happens, it looks like the NIT will be scrapped. Last year’s NIT final would have been very fitting to end the NIT with. If only the game was a little closer…