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Any potential transfers coming in?


Saw some where that Trey Zeigler may become available (big time recruit a couple of years ago) and the pg options from WF and Duq. Is there a timeline to get them in that Pat has mentioned?

Zeigler currently lists Duke, UCLA, Michigan State, Michigan, and Pittsburgh among others.


There’s no indication any of them are considering Penn State.

TJ McConnell (Duq) has narrowed his choice to Arizona or Virginia.
Tony Channault hasn’t announced a list yet but rumors have him preferring Philly schools (other than La Salle which some people feel is too close, i.e. a couple of blocks, to home for some strange reason).
Ziegler has the aforementioned list.



I believe Zeigler has committed to ~itt.


Article in Philly Inq about Villanova, mentions Wake Forest transfer Tony Chennaut (sp). at the end. May be destination.


Forgot the link.