Andrew Jones


With DJ and Brooks seemingly both stepping up so far this young season like we need them too - the big missing factor for us has been Mr. Jones, a man we all thought had come into his own last season and was ready to be our 10ppg mainstay inside. So far in his junior campaign, he’s looked completely average - a shell of the player that finished the season for us last year so strongly.

What are we speculating is the problem with Andrew? He’s gone against almost zero competition in the paint so far and yet really struggled. He’s given us 4, 6, and 2 points so far. Just not going to cut it.

Let’s discuss… :-\


I think its worth noting that the first two games he didn’t shoot it much. Today was the first game he shot it more than 4 times. Last game he was 3-4 and before that 2-4. I couldn’t watch the game today so I couldn’t speak to his shooting issues, I just think he needs the ball more. Thats the only way you’re going to get better…within reason of course.


Well I assume if continues the disappointing play, we will see his minutes diminish and Sasa minutes increase.


I’d say basketball instincts (he hasn’t been playing that long right?) and tenacity/willingness to mix it up and be physical (i guess like cornley)


Drew has no tenacity issues and he mixes it up just fine. It sounds like he simply trying too hard. He’ll be ok.