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Didn’t Chambliss have to pay his own way for a year at Wisky due to the transfer rules at the time?


He paid his own way for two years, not just the first.



Alums scheduled to return for Coaches vs Cancer tournament tomorrow.

“Among the former Nittany Lion players expected to participate on Friday are (years lettered): Brian Allen (1986-89), Nick Colella (2012-13), Joe Crispin (1998-2001), Jon Crispin (2000-01), Chuck Crist (1970-72), Tim Frazier (2010-12, 14), Titus Ivory (1998-2001), Kevin Montminy (2012-15), Danny Morrissey (2005, 2007-09), Glenn Sekunda (1995-96), Herm Sledzik (1951-53), Tyler Smith (1999-2002), Jarrett Stephens (1996-98, 2000) and Alan Wisniewski (2012-15)”.


Cool. I didn’t realize that was this weekend. 8 of us are coming up tomorrow for a golf weekend. Toftrees, Elks and Blue.


Also attending the tournament: Bruce Parkhill, Jerry Dunn, Scott Fitzkee, Ralph Baker, Trey Bauer, Chuck Crist, Dave Graf, Jeremy Kapinos, John Skorupan, Larry Suhey and others.


I guess Chuck gets double counted because of his NFL career.





I knew Tim was skinny when he came to PSU, but had no idea he was 145lbs! Figured he had to be at least 160 haha.



The CvC on-line auction is still open. The site is here:

CvC Auction

The bidding closes at 12:00 noon today. One of the “experiential” items on the auction is “Coach for a Day”. As a past “Coach”, I can attest that it’s a very fun experience…and for a very worthwhile cause!


Practice the day before and game day. Priceless! (But now at $435 with 2+ hours to go.)





188 cm. Hmmm. Paging Dave Jones.


188cm in shoes


I keep wondering if Talor is ever going to play pro in the US. I guess the money for him is just better internationally.